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Communication Services

L. Dunkley Communications offers organizations the communications services and expertise needed to reach their business and communications goals.

Laura Dunkley delivers communication strategies that are comprehensive, customized, manageable, and flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of our digital environment.  Offering end-to-end services and support to reach success; including social media, brand management, content development, digital marketing tools, public relations, and employee training.

The building of a community first begins with a willingness to break free from tradition, and explore the new possibilities of today.  

Laura Dunkley and her team deliver solutions that are relevant, manageable, and measured for success

Strategic Communications L Dunkley Communications Services Infographic Overview

Reach your goals with strategic communications!  

Offering services and support at all levels of the communications process to ensure that your plan is effective, efficient, and aligned with your goals and values.

Research  | To inform
The Plan | To guide
Let's get started! | Implementation
Manage & Promote |  Effective & efficient
Public Relations  | Reputation & Relationships
Evaluation | Measure Success

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Social Media

Develop an online brand that rocks! Engage with your audiences on social media with relevant, useful, and creative content and conversations.  Working with entrepreneurs, not-for-profit, and business leaders to build and manage social media strategies, develop employee policies, and offer training and education when needed.

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Digital Marketing

Reach your audience effectively and efficiently through strategic planning.  Use compelling words and creative visuals that are branded with your vision.  Offering services and strategies to get the best return on your investment - strategic planning, website design, content marketing strategies, email campaigns, white papers, e-books, video, and more!

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Graphic Design

Providing creative, relevant, innovative and engaging visuals and graphics to represent your brand and vision.  Visuals grab the attention of the viewer, helps communicate the message, and promotes engagement.  Use creative visuals, such as graphics, infographics, and videos, in email campaigns, brochures, newsletters, white papers, e-books, presentations, social media, and more.

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Training & Workshops

Workshops and training sessions to develop the skills, and gather the information needed. Providing collaborative workshops with key stakeholders that are unique, engaging, and informative. Training available on how to use social media and digital technology to support a variety of roles - sales, human resources, marketing, business development, and leadership.

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  • Laura Watson (Dunkley) worked at FutureShield in an account management and marketing role. She was able to multi-task and balance both roles in a very fast-paced environment. Laura’s skills allowed her to evaluate marketing materials from a variety of different software vendors and standardize them in a strategic manner to facilitate FutureShield’s vision. She was a valuable member of our team and we are pleased to continue using her services for web design, writing, and marketing support. (Feb. 7, 2012)
    Cynthia Weeden, President - FutureShield
  • Laura’s insight into current social media trends and technology assisted Bethlehem to engage with a more diverse demographic. She understood non-profit resource challenges and provided recommendations that proved useful on many levels, such as creating online forms on Bethlehem’s website which increased our volunteer base substantially.
    Dawn Marie Cavasin, Dipl. PR Communications Manager [former] , Bethlehem Housing and Support Services

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Getting Started | Your Guide to a Communications Assessment

A communications assessment, or audit, provides the information needed for an effective communication strategy.

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