Magic words of Motivation

Posted May 18th, 2012 in Entrepreneurship, Sales

"I believe" :  the strongest two words that motivate all of us. The 'magic' words of motivation.

What made crowds appear in Washington on a hot summer's day to listen to Martin Luther King speak about civil rights?  " I believe ".  And not what HE necessarily believed, but what they believed as well.  

What made the Wright Brothers push through their challenges to invent a flying machine ? Because they believed in that what they were doing would positively change life forever.

Simon Sinek speaks here about the motivation behind WHY people do what they do.  

What changes people's behavior?  The 'golden circle' is a visual showing us that we act from the inside out.  The WHY or what we believe in is truly what motivates all of us.

Once we realize this we will be able to achieve what we want to achieve.

1. Our Career 

We will want to get up every day for work knowing the WHY you are doing it.  Your vision will be clear.

2. When we Hire

You will know who to hire, because now you know what to look for in those that will be your team mates.  They will believe in what you are doing more than just wanting to be there for a paycheck, which is the 'what'.

3. Our Customer's Experience

Your customers will buy from you because they know the WHY behind why you are offering this product / service ( Simon uses the example of APPLE ) What is really incredible is that this circle, and all of what it means, is rooted in biology - the design of our brain.  Science tells us that WHY is what motivates us, not WHAT.


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