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Posted Oct 29th, 2012 in Entrepreneurship

Number 1 - AwesomeWhat makes one entrepreneur successful?  Why do some always seem to struggle to make ends meet?  And I don’t mean have tough times because every business owner will come across tough times. 

That is just part of it.  But some can work through the dip, see the end of the tunnel, plan, make changes where necessary, keep a positive attitude, etc. You see where I am going with this?

What differentiates the two types of entrepreneurs?

There is a common trait among our successful business owners – that is their aim to be awesome in whatever they do.  Good just isn’t good enough.  People around them may tell them “You don’t need to be perfect” or “We can’t be perfect, so second best is acceptable”…Hmm… All I can say is that these people won’t remain in these successful business peoples’ inner circle for very long with attitudes like that.  And an entrepreneur with this kind of thinking may do okay at business, but will in no way be exceptional.
“Mediocrity is a swear word” - one of my favourite mantras
I just started reading “The Book of Business Awesome” by Scott Stratten[1].  I smiled through the entire first chapter.  Using the anecdote about his visit to a hotel breakfast bar, experiencing a cold breakfast, made a comment to the waitress who proceeded to get the manager.   But, without making much of a fuss, upon his departure found that he was confronted by the sous-chef. The chef was noticeably disturbed that one of the hotel patrons – one of HIS patrons – did not have a satisfactory dining experience.  “This guy gave a damn that a guest had a sub par experience and he needed to make it right.  We can’t stop screw ups, only how we remedy them”. This chef is a man who believes awesomeness is something worth striving for.  As a hotel owner, would you not want to hire this man?  Is this not a quality that all employers would put at the top of their list when hiring?  What about the business partners they choose?  What about the level of quality of the products they make?  What about their customer service expectations?  

Be Awesome!

When times get tough, it will be those that expect awesomeness of them, and those around them, that will succeed.  It is part of who they are: their attitudes, their products, their conduct, and their choices. 

Has there been a time where you chose to take the ‘road less travelled’ and decided to choose awesome over ‘good enough’?  We’d love to hear your story.  


[1] Scott Stratten - UnMarketing.com

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