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Posted Feb 22nd, 2013 in Social Media, Strategic Communications, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing

video chat marketing strategiesGrab a coffee/tea and settle in for a video chat on "marketing your business"  that is worth listening to. 

You may get 5 minutes into it and say "Hey, this sounds just like Laura!" .  So, if you choose to listen to the whole thing or not, I just wanted to pass this along because it is someone else saying the same things (or mostly the same things) in a slightly different way.  I hope you find it useful to help understand the "WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW" of marketing your brand.


  • Be clear about who you are as a company - vision and mission statement. What is your message?

  • Who is your audience - your key people to your organization?

  • Don't just introduce social media into your plan because everyone is doing it!  Social Media needs to be integrated and with a purpose.

  • Do what you do well!  Hire people who do marketing and social media well.  Not only will you have more time to focus on your revenue generating tasks, but you will get the experts in their field to help you achieve the level of 'awesomeness' that you deserve.


Video Chat:  Smart marketing strategies for small businesses - The Globe and Mail Marc Gordon - Fourword Marketing 

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