How to create a social media policy for your company

Posted Mar 22nd, 2013 in Internal Communications, Social Media

Social Media Policies11 things to consider when creating guidelines for social media usage at your company.  There are must-haves, guidelines, examples, best practices, and company examples.   

Policies and guidelines are terms often used to mean the same thing in the case of social media.

Social Media Guidelines

  1. Contact your Human Resources department (if you have one)  for any current policies that are in place
  2. Let them know there will be consequences if these rules are not followed.  Always remember your employees are your best ambassadors.  Create a company culture that cultivates transparency, honesty and authenticity with responsibility - online and offline.
  3. Contact Legal (your department or lawyer) to find out what you MUST have in your policy and any advice on how to implement
  4. Policy needs to be written up in plain language & signed by each staff member or affiliated partner (i.e. brand ambassadors, therapists working in the same office, etc.).  Anyone who is directly involved with your company needs to sign this document.  They are on social media whether you have a corporate account or not, so guidelines need to be in place.
  5. It is an extension of your corporate culture, so start with your company values and mission statement for setting the standards and helping with direction.
  6. Communicate, train, follow-up, and monitor on a regular basis
  7. Provide rules on how to respond to certain comments
  8. Respect one another - a key message to get across
  9. Define the parameters on how and when they can use Social Media at work
  10. ENCOURAGE them to use social media!  Your staff can be your greatest asset when talking about your business.
  11. Guide employees through the process on what is appropriate corporate topics to discuss  - NOT financials or proprietary information!!!

Here is a list of other useful resources on the topic of creating a social media policy for your company.   

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