Curiosity, Failure and Success

Posted Jun 16th, 2013 in Entrepreneurship

What does curiosity, failure, and success have in common?  Those who are interested in starting a business, or who just want to be exceptional in their job, should listen to this 20 min interview by Seth Godin.

Insights from Seth Godin - His interview with Bryan Elliott from 'Behind the Brand'  titled 'Failing Until You Succeed' [Video].  

Key highlights

  • Jobs are passé – Opportunities are the now. Seth says that the tradition of ‘walking up the corporate ladder’ or having a ‘job’ is a thing of the past for those who have a ‘white collar’ job.  We should be considering our positions in the company as opportunities.
  • Seth says he’s failed more times in his life than he has succeeded
  • Take Risks!  But evaluate first. When the cost of failing is greater than the cost of discovering what works, and what doesn’t, don't do it.  But really, MOST opportunities do not have fatalities if  they don't succeed.  Appropriate risks are those that will keep you in the game even if you fail.
  • Why aren't we curious anymore?    Schools and Corporation "figured it out" and said to us don't be curious, don't think... just listen and do.  Now we just WAIT until someone tells us what to do.
  • Resistance & Fear - How did this become the status quo?  Reptilian brain - In order to get kids through the school system...the shortest way to get kids to do what we need them to do, they trigger the Reptilian Brain - to 'program' them.  Conditioning us...programming us.
  • The only person NOW is stopping you from trying something new is now YOU.  Access to starting a new business is easier now than ever before, but we need to get out of the old way of thinking.
  • No one gives you initiative, you have to take it!
  • If you work in an organization that doesn't want you to take initiative, you should TRY and get fired.  However, make sure it truly is the organization that is the barrier and not just the fear within yourself of failing.
  • Become a problem solver in your organization. Don't just be a person who gets a task done.
Seth's new book  Poke the box is now available for anyone who is interested.  He says “Poke the Box” is a permission slip – “It’s okay for me if you fail”.  There are no words on the cover.  A short book with the very purpose to instill curiosity!

My Takeaways

This has made me question barriers in my own life - personal, academic and professional.  Are they real?  Or are they just an instilled fear within myself based on the conditioning I have received from my life-to-date?

Next steps

  1. Question everything
  2. Dream, and dream big!
  3. Evaluate the risks.
  4. JUMP outside the comfort zone!

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