Social Media Business Strategy

Posted Mar 14th, 2014 in Social Media, Meetings, Workshops & Presentations

I had the privilege of presenting to a group of business professionals at Envirotech Office Systems on the topic of Social Media. Social Media has gone beyond marketing for many organizations and now used within a larger communication strategy.  

Blueprint for Success - Social Media for Business Presentation 

Because social media offers a platform for better conversation, it allows an organization to engage with their audiences in real time - listening, responding, asking questions, sending messages, educating, etc. It offers support for better customer service, marketing, and sales.  When Social Media is successfully implemented into an overall communication plan, it allows an organization to stay competitive, improve employee satisfaction and improve brand reputation.

Tips and Tools for a Successful Social Media Strategy

This presentation includes
  • Social Media Statistics for 2013 
  • Social Media Planning and Management Tips
  • Why Social Media?
  • How to integrate Social Media into your business marketing
  • Content Marketing Tips - Content is King 
  • Social Media measurement tools , and more.

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