Improve Communications to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Posted Apr 3rd, 2014 in Internal Communications, Strategic Communications, Sales

Improve Communications to Improve Employee SatisfactionYour employees want to do a good job! or at least they started out that way. Often the level of employee satisfaction is related to the effectiveness of communication within an organization.

When someone comes to work for you, you both agreed to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.  They chose to send you their resume; you decided  to read it.  You offered them a position; they agreed to take the offer.

How come employees become disgruntled? One reason, quite often, is poor communication.

If an employees don't know what is expected of them, they will seldom rise to their potential. Management needs to listen! They need to give employees information (and tools) they need to get their job done. Offer to help them understand your expectations of them (be realistic) while giving them regular, unbiased and objective performance reviews. Build in a reward system to help motivate healthy goal setting.  Be consistent and truthful to build credibility as a team leader.

Companies say their employees are one of their biggest assets;  however, the return on investment when it comes to human resources are not always clear cut, and easy to understand.  Companies often do not contribute as much to their employees’ well-being as much as they should because they don't know the value of their investment. For some small business owners, because of this, employee investment is not a priority when there are so many other identified priorities.

Several studies have shown how employee empowerment and engagement impact employee satisfaction and loyalty to the organization. Health care organizations that routinely achieve high employee satisfaction scores tend to have the following in common (1) accessible leadership, (2) frequent communication, and (3) employees are empowered to satisfy patients (Fassel, 2003). 

Organizations and leaders who understand the real value of their employees are improving their communication strategies.

There are forward thinking organizations that include communication strategies to help understand their employee’s needs.  They help employees understand the context of their jobs within the organization, by providing them with the necessary information.  They offer employees a chance to share their ideas with superiors and collaborate with their peers.  Watch the OPEN OFFICE on CBC DOC ZONE via Envirotech Office .  There is an interview with a CEO of a very large company that doesn't want to have his own office.  He would rather sit in the main open office area with his employees (all of them), just so he can hear their ideas.

Walls are coming down in the Office....Communication is going up.

This is a long term investment with some of the greatest benefits to a company. If a communication plan is tailored to the needs of the employees, it will help to support improved employee satisfaction.

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