Tips to drive Traffic to your Website

Posted Sep 21st, 2014 in Digital Marketing

20 Simple, Budget-Friendly Tips to Drive Traffic to your Website

Our customers are ‘on the go’!  It is a fast paced world that is always changing.  To stay competitive, we need to keep our customers informed.We want them to find us, know who we are, know what we offer, and know how to get in touch with us.  Keeping it easy for them to find us, means more business.

People are spending more time online looking for information to help them through their buying process, and an increasing amount of that time is spent on mobile devices.  Traditional methods of advertising, such as print and broadcast, are still alive and well.  Companies now are bringing both digital and tradition marketing methods together into an integrated strategy for the best results. 

The power of ONE…ONE Website

In a world where there is so much advertising noise (online and offline), giving your customers ONE place where they can find all the information they need about your company is key.

Your website needs to be the hub of all marketing activity.  It tells your customer (or future customer)

  • Who you ARE
  • What you OFFER
  • HOW to get in touch

It is one central location, one address to remember, one place to find the most up-to-date information about a company.  Keep it simple, and they will not only find you the first time, but remember how to get back to visit you again.

Here are a few simple, budget-friendly tips to integrate your offline and online marketing efforts, and drive traffic to your website.

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