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Posted Oct 29th, 2014 in Social Media, Meetings, Workshops & Presentations

Here is a Slideshare presentation I've used on various occasions to explain the Social Business Model: as it pertains to social media.

Social Business Model Presentation

There is no ignoring the fact that to stay competitive all organizations need to adapt to a similar model that includes Social Media and other two-way communication platforms.  Social Business is often used in how a business integrates social media into their business communications.  This is not to be confused with Social Business in the area of businesses working towards positive social change within their communities.  Some choose not to use this term because of the confusion, but nevertheless it is definitely a social way of doing business in that it encourages dialogue / two-way communication and promotes engagement.

Your customers (and other key stakeholders) do not only applaud you for adopting this way of doing business, but expect you to.

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  • Sept. 5 2013 - Originally Posted
  • April 22 2014 - Many organization leaders have been hesitant to adopt the term SOCIAL BUSINESS for their business model because of the word social being traditionally used for fun time, not work time.
  • A term that is now being used, and I believe is a better way of defining this new way of doing business,  is called the COLLABORATIVE BUSINESS model or Enterprise 2.0.  More on this topic to come in future articles.
  • Oct. 29 2014 - Reposted & added updated content to help explain the difference between both types of Social Business Models.

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