Twitter Tips for Social Selling

Posted Jun 24th, 2015 in Social Media

Twitter Tips for Social SellingTwitter is one of the popular social media platforms for entrepreneurs and salespeople because there is a wide audience of users who are looking for conversations and solutions.

Why is Twitter so important to for Sales?

Because of the large user base Titter has, it is a great source of information on potential Buyers, Competition, News & Trends.  Twitter also offer opportunities to engage when appropriate. Just like other social media platforms, Twitter offers a chance for lead generation, to build your thought leadership, and develop relationships.

2015 Twitter Statistics

•  Twitter has 284 million active users at last count
•  88% of Twitter users are on mobile
•  500 million tweets per day

How to Use Twitter as an Effective Social Selling Tool


Search potential buyers and see what they are talking about. Do they have a problem that you can solve? Do you have things in common to ignite a conversation?

Share and congratulate any good news that your buyers have, such as an award or an office expansion? Do this by mentioning them (use their Twitter handle) in a Tweet and they will be notified that you mentioned them.

Do you agree with their viewpoint on topics that support your industry’s growth? ReTweeting an article they shared shows your endorsement of their thoughts and shows it is worthy enough to share with your followers. You can also reply to them with a comment.

Is there an industry event that a few of your buyers are planning to attend that would be advantageous if you went as well? When you are at the event, get in on the conversation by using the event #Hashtag to share insights from the speakers. Other people at the event will be able to track the conversation by searching on the #Hashtag. Others may even ReTweet your comments or Favourite them. Either way, they will notice you and what you have to say, giving them the opportunity to reach out to you, or you to them.


What is your competition saying and sharing? Find the competition that has a lot of Followers and see what they are doing to be successful. See who they are Following and review those accounts as possible Twitter accounts to follow. I do not recommend engaging very often with the competition unless you are publicly aligned or working together.  

Competitors sometimes come together as a group in support of an industry initiative or cause. The environment, as well as health & wellness, are very important sustainability concerns many companies are rallying together to make positive changes. For example; there are a few office furniture manufacturers who are working towards removing toxic fire retardant chemicals from their new furniture production. This is currently a voluntary initiative, but these companies believe that as a united front they can make a positive change for their industry, for the environment, and for those who come in contact with the furniture. There is a push to build awareness so other manufacturers and buyers will take action.

If you are in support of an industry initiative, it is okay to favourite a social media post from your competition if the conversation is in support of a mutually aligned greater purpose.  

If there is an article that mentions your company along with other companies, I would encourage you to share it with your Followers.  A Favourite will not show up in your news feed, but a shared post will not only be shared to your followers, but also show up in your own news feed.  

If you are checking out the competition, they will most likely be checking out you.  Do not post anything negative about a competitor, or engage in banter that is against a competitor. It won't win you clients and can cause damage to your reputation. A competitor today may be a future employer or a business ally.

News & TrendsTwitter Tips Laura Dunkley

What is trending on Twitter in your industry?

Follow industry media publications, journalists, and online bloggers. These are often third-party advocates writing impartially, which means they can offer content that may be appropriate to comment on and share. Follow suppliers to see if they have publicly announced an award, the release of a research paper, or even a new product. If you see something you think your company marketing company should be promoting, let them know! Again, keeping communication open with sales & marketing will help reach the goals of acquiring new business and building current client relationships.

What is happening in the news that affects your business, can be found on Twitter

As part of your social selling strategy, you should have a list of key stakeholders. Start with your current CRM database, and then expand from there. You probably already have Google Alerts coming to your inbox. Your Twitter feed is another way to keep an eye on your marketplace. Consider following main news publications, industry news, politicians, industry group leaders, government organizations, third-party advocacy groups, weather networks, annual industry events, etc. Those who are, or have the potential to influence your business, are worth following.

Twitter Time-Management Tips

I’m sure your list of buyers, competitors and other users that can influence your business is quite extensive. To help focus your time on social media, use Twitter lists to stay organized. Create lists to focus your topics of interest. Once a list is created, add a Twitter user to this list when you start to follow them. Then click on the list, and you will only see the news feed from those followers. You have the option to make lists public or private. [bctt tweet="Use Twitter Lists to Stay Organized and Stay Focused.  #socialSelling #TwitterTip #productivity"] Don't forget to check your company content portfolio on a regular basis - blogs, e-books, whitepapers, research papers, videos, promotions, etc. Your marketing team should be updating your website on a regular basis.  It not only offers you content to share, but it will help drive traffic back to your website, and a clear path to purchase. Put #TwitterTips into the search field on Twitter.  Tips on how to master Twitter from the Twitter User Community.       


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