Social Media Tips for Event Promotion

Posted Feb 26th, 2017 in Social Media, Event Management

Social Media Tips for Event Promotion

Social Media is an excellent way to create buzz about your event and increase ticket sales.  Here is what you can do BEFORE your event to get the most out of your social media activity and promote your event.

A guide to using Social Media to Promote your next Event

Research shows

  • There were nearly as many posts leading up to an event as there were during the event itself (40% and 42% of total posts, respectively)
  • Nearly 25% of traffic to ticketing and registration pages comes from social media. 
  • Top strategies include, teasing the speaker lineup, providing a photo booth, creating quotes as multimedia

Create a social media plan! 

Consider these questions before you get started:

  • Who is your audience?  What are their user habits?
  • What are your goals? 
  • What is the timeline for this event (critical path)? 
  • Who is responsible for each task? 
  • What support materials need to be created ahead of time? i.e. flyers, website landing page, video, etc.
  • How will you measure the success of your social media activity? 
  • What is your budget?
  • What equipment is needed?  i.e. screen & projector for a tweet wall, access to electricity, video camera, drone, photo booth or background, etc.
  • What existing resources are available?  i.e. scheduling software, staff, social media profiles, market research, etc.

Based on your plan, customize the recommendations below to successfully reach your event goals.

10 Ways to promote your event on Social Media before the big day

1. Create a Facebook Event Page

Facebook official instructions on how to create an event page

2. Event Hashtag#

Choose a single, unique and memorable hashtag for your event. Hashtags let people track conversations about your event.  Ensure that you search on the hashtag to see if anyone else is using it.  You can’t legally own a hashtag, but you can register it for a fee - / . Monitor your hashtag on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite 

Make sure to include the hashtag on other promotional materials and encourage people to join in the conversation - i.e. flyers, website, email campaigns, trade show signage, etc.

Relevant Article : Can you Register a Hashtag? What your non-profit should know 

3. Advertise on Social Media

Social Media advertising lets you target your audience and customize your ad budgets based on a variety of outcomes i.e. only pay for the amount of times someone clicks on your ad.  Here are some popular social media platforms for advertising -  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat,  etc.

TIP: You can customize Facebook ads to target people who have already visited your event website.   Make sure to exclude those who have already purchased tickets. If you used a THANK YOU page to track conversions, those who already registered, you are able to exclude those who have already purchased tickets.

4. Create graphics

Canva is a graphic design online program that offers pre-populated social media graphic sizes, templates, and design elements.  An easy to use program to create professional looking graphics. Some key features; store company logos and images for future use, duplicate your designs and then edit them, and create designs using either mobile or desktop.  For a nominal fee, this is a great program for individuals and teams.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have permission to use any images or graphics in your designs.  When using stock photos, check the license agreement.  If using photos of people from previous events, make sure you have permissions in place. 

5. Event Media Permission: Inform & Consent

Photography, video & audio records fall under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) .  Notice must be given and consent obtained. 

Create a plan to inform, and receive permission for, video, audio and/or photography at your event.  This can be as notices printed at the registration table, make announcements from the podium, added to the ticket, etc.  If you aren’t sure if you have permission, ask.

6. Schedule some social media posts ahead of the event

The purpose of this is to make sure that you have important, and known, social media posts already scheduled which helps with time management.  This can include thanks to sponsors, event schedule/time reminders, announcement of speakers, key event announcements including speaker scheduling, notes about the speakers, etc.  You can use free scheduling software such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

7. Create a SnapChat geofilter

Snapchat official instructions on how to create a geofilter for your community, personal, or business event.  

8. Create Videos

Highlight video reel from past events and testimonial videos are effective.   

9. Send an email to influencers with easy to share downloadable links

Send an email with a link to all the downloadable links and invite them to share.  Set up an affiliate program to give them incentives to share.  Examples of links could be videos, newsletters, registration page, FB event page, event blogs, etc.

10. Create easy to share Tweets  

Embed Clickto Tweets in your blogs, webpages, email campaigns, speaker bios, etc.  Sign in with your Twitter account first to be able to track the click activity for each Tweet. 

Tweet: 10 ways to promote your event on social media | via @lauraldunkley
Tweet: 10 ways to promote your event on social media | via @lauraldunkley

Examples of Social Media Posts to share BEFORE the event

  • behind the scenes - photos of what people will see at the event eg. contest prices, silent auction items, free giveaways, sneak peak at presentation material, setting up the event, etc.
  • count down to the event
  • early bird deadlines for registration 
  • reveal special guests who will be attending the event
  • let them know what to expect when they come
  • Thank Sponsors
  • Re-share positive posts from influencers, ticket holders, speakers, etc.
  • Share pre-event online content that is created (i.e. videos, graphics, blog posts)
  • Registration Links!  As often as you can, but be careful not to SPAM your followers
Nearly 1 out of 10 social media posts about an event has to do with ticket sales  
  • Reply “Thanks for registering!”
  • @Mention “See you at the Event!”

Research References:

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