Creative Ways to Promote Sustainability [Infographic]

Posted Mar 20th, 2017 in Sustainability

Creative Ways to Promote Sustainability [Infographic]

Finding ways to communicate your sustainability initiatives to your boss, your employees, your customers, and investors can be a challenge.  Here are some creative ways to share your green story to help promote your efforts and build engagement.

Creative ways to share your Sustainability Initiatives through words, visuals, & action

Appreciation, Feedback, Incentives | Employees

Employees are an important audience when communicating sustainability.  You want to show them appreciation for their ideas and leadership, get feedback, and offer incentives to engage.

  • Use your intranet to post a recent success
  • Share success stories on your website / blog
  • Create a bulletin board ‘wall of fame’ photos
  • Paint one of your walls with white board paint and use it as place for people to share inspiring messages on how to be more sustainable in the workplace
  • Everyone loves to doodle! Put up a white paper banner in the lunch room, get a set of coloured markers, and let your team inspire your with their green ideas.  
  • Share charts to show successes
  • Front row parking for electric cars
  • Showers & safe bike storage to encourage people to bike to work
  • Day off to volunteer
  • Social media posts sharing success stories
  • Ask for feedback! One of the greatest things we can do to show appreciate is listen and make changes.  When you can’t, let them know why.  
  • Sponsor employees who take their green initiatives beyond the office walls i.e. community garden project

Educate | Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors

Help people understand the WHY behind your sustainability initiatives.  Help people connect the dots to why they should be engaged with, and supportive of, your sustainability initiatives.  Include articles, visuals, research, and insights on what is being done in your business, industry, community and globally.  If you are facilities or the department in charge of the sustainability program, talk with your communications on how to best promote your story.  If you are a business owner, marketing director, or President of a small-medium sized business, contact a communications consultant who specializes in sustainability or corporate social responsibility to help your with your campaign.

Ways to promote sustainability

  • Create a Short Video 

  • Reporting | Make them creative & engaging!  Visual graphics, videos, and interactive PDF are all ways you can make your sustainability report more interesting.  It is more likely your investors, employees and boss will read your entire report if you add design to the text and number rich content.  
  • Incorporate your green story into your sales materials - brochures, trade show displays
  • Certification badges - Apply certifications, when applicable, you have to all marketing materials to give credibility
  • Website - sustainability statement / vision, news releases, success stories.
  • Blog - write about your work with a specific category for Green Team and/or Sustainability.
  • social media - share success stories, use hashtags #CSR Corporate Social Responsibility / #Sustainability 
  • Print Posters
  • P.A. System - IKEA is one organization that shares their sustainability message on their store's P.A. system so people can hear when shopping.
  • Lunch n learn events 
  • 15 min. at the general office meeting for the green team to update everyone on progress is sometimes all you need
  • Create visuals on waste stream separation and post on blog, social media, and use in posters
  • Have your sustainability story as part of your corporate video! 
  • Submit a press release - newsworthy items
  • Word of Mouth - mention at networking events as part of your 'Our Story'
  • Lead by example - business owners & CEOs should be examples for their employees on how to be an ambassador.
    • On their professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn, leaders can educate through thought leadership - sharing articles, joining groups, and commenting on relevant posts in their network
    • Be available for comment for media,
    • Ride your bike to work!
    • Make sure you are engaged in the office green initiatives e.g. recycling.
    • Make your C.S.R. / sustainability report interesting!  Visuals, or even interactive. (See example)
    • Speak at a conference / member meeting

Support your Community

Leverage the marketing opportunity, networking, and support available by getting involved with various groups in your community that are proactive in supporting environmental and wellness initiatives in your local community.  Make sure these groups align with your vision and values.  Niagara Sustainability Initiatives, Niagara Land Trust, and Niagara Farm Project are some of my local community groups who are always looking for volunteers and sponsorship.  

"Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much."  - Helen Keller

Webinar on Promoting Sustainability

Are you part of a Green Team?  Is Sustainability important to your organization?  Are you a facilities manager who is involved in managing sustainability initiatives? Join me March 21, 2017 at 11:30 EDT to learn more ways you can share your green story 

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