What's New in Social Media for April, 2017

Posted Apr 23rd, 2017 in Crisis Communications, Social Media

What's New in Social Media for April, 2017

What's new in Social Media for April?  YouTube offers workshops for teens, Facebook offers tech tool to help in emergency situations, LinkedIn offers some new features with their desktop redesign, and Twitter brings location to their direct messages.

YouTube workshops to help teens become more aware and responsible when online

YouTube is launching day-long workshops to help teach teens how to recognize fake news, as well as lessons in how to be respectful online, avoid ‘social bubbles’, and ways to report when they see something that is hateful or abusive. This new initiative is put on by veteran YouTubers in the U.K. starting April 21, 2017. Hopefully, these workshops will be successful, and we will see similar events put on in Canada.  

New Facebook Tech Tool for Emergency Management

Facebook announces new technology called Tether-tenna, which will help quickly reinstate connectivity in the case of an emergency situation. Attaching a wire, that has power and fibre, to a small helicopter, the Tether-tenna can be deployed and quickly bring back communication to the affected area. The Tether-tenna technology could have significant benefits to emergency workers in disaster situations. 

Tweet: New Facebook tech will help bring back connectivity in the case of an emergency situation #SMEM

LinkedIn customized notifications and search features return

Tired of unwanted LinkedIn notifications coming to your inbox? LinkedIn now offers customized settings, so you only get the notifications you want. 

Finding the right people on LinkedIn is sometimes not as easy as it looks. The search tool is a powerful feature for business development, HR, and sales.  With the redesign of the new desktop version by LinkedIn, some search features were taken away, but thankfully these features are now reinstated. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the new LinkedIn search tool

Tweet: LinkedIn brings back missing search tool features that were lost in the redesign of their new desktop #SM

Businesses will benefit from Twitters DM location feature

Twitter now offers the ability to share a location in a direct message (DM). Location features offer benefits for customer service and sales applications where the location is important to the context of the conversation. The company can send/request a location in a DM, and the customer can respond with as much information as s/he would like to give to help preserve privacy.  

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