Increase Sales: Write an Email Customers Want to Open

Posted Oct 28th, 2018 in Entrepreneurship, Sales

Increase Sales: Write an Email Customers Want to Open

When looking for ways to increase sales, entrepreneurs will often connect with current and potential customers by sending them an email. The challenge is that people receive a large number of emails in a day and not all emails are read. How do you write an email that your customers want to open?

The following are a few techniques to help increase the chances of having your sales emails opened, read, and get the desired response to your message. 

Tips on how to write an effective sales [and marketing] email 

Subject line

Keep your subject line short & “enticing”; avoid ‘salesy’ words like reminder, sale, specials, help, exciting, unique

If you are sending a generic email to a large prospect group, try A/B testing your subject line – take a subset of your prospect list and then split this group – send to group ‘A’ with one subject line and then to group ‘B’ with another subject line.  See which one has a better response rate.  Then send the email with the successful subject line to the rest of your prospect list.

Opening line

Personalize the first line of your opening paragraph.  If you are sending this email to an individual for the first time, it is always a good idea to remind them how you met or how you received their contact information.  Personalizing an email will validate that your email is not spam (CASL).  To personalize an email add in something as a follow up to a previous conversation you had, a comment on an article they recently posted or shared on LinkedIn or point out a mutual interest that you share.  If you are sending a general sales newsletter, putting them in segmented groups will give you the opportunity to personalize batch emails.  A segmented group may be a group of contacts from a tradeshow “It was nice to meet you at X tradeshow last weekend…”

Main body

The body of the email is where you want to connect with your potential customer.  Show them that you understand their needs, goals, and specific challenges.  Do they have unanswered questions about a certain topic pointing them to an article you’ve written with those answers? Are there struggles presenting a business case to the decision makers where you can provide some help?  Do they feel like they are along which you can offer case studies of other clients in the same situation?  Keep this area short and to the point.  People typically scan a written material first, so use headings, if possible, that get the point across and stand out.

Call to Action

Make sure you close off your email with a clear call to action letting them know what you would like them to do next.  “Do you have time for a 10-minute conversation this week to catch up?”  “Is this a priority for you in the next three months?” “Are you the person who makes the final decision on this?  Would you be able to refer me to the person who is?”  “Let me know if this is a priority for you this year?”


Make it as easy as possible for people to reach out to you if they are interested. Include all your contact information including your name, position, company, direct phone number, and email.  People may want to do some extra research about your business, so be sure to include a link to your company’s website and social media links.  

Remember to use emails as part of an overall sales strategy. Determine your goals and what tactics you would like to do to best reach out to prospective customers.  For example, tactics may include leveraging your website to gather leads using contact forms, using social media to connect and engage with prospects, creating a campaign where you send a series of different emails over the course of a few days, following up with emails after calling a list of prospects in your sales funnel. 

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