How to create a LinkedIn Profile Video

Posted Mar 31st, 2022 in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to create a cover video to introduce yourself and is added to your profile image. When someone clicks on that image, the video will play.  The video must be at least 3 seconds long and cannot exceed 30 seconds. You need to add or edit the video through your mobile app. However, you can play the video through the desktop version.

Here some quick tips on how to create a LinkedIn Profile video.

  1. Writing a script ahead of time and pre-recording the video helped me figure out what I wanted to say and gave me a chance to edit the video before uploading it. Thirty seconds really isn’t very long, so there were quite a few takes and editing involved.
  2. I recommend recording it in portrait mode since most people hold their phones in this position. Be sure to have your face in the middle of the video. The reason for that is LinkedIn plays a 3 second muted clip in your profile image area before opening up to the full video. It is the centre of the video that is displayed during this clip.
  3. Once you upload your video, you can add a sticker, such as ‘Let’s Talk’. This is optional but nice to have as it does let you add a call-to-action without taking up part of your 30 seconds.
  4. Don’t forget to preview your video to ensure it is exactly what you want.
  5. When ready, press next & share to your profile! You can select the visibility of your video to all LinkedIn members or just your connections.
  6. Want to see who viewed your video? Analytics are available.

Have fun!

Here are some other lessons learned from recording this tutorial video.

  • I went to LinkedIn’s support website to learn how to create a profile video. Since LinkedIn, and other platforms, are constantly updating their features, I wanted to make sure I had the latest information on how to create the profile video. 
  • The process took MUCH longer than I anticipated, especially writing the script and recording it. I didn’t want to look and sound like I was reading a script. I tried to use a teleprompter, but the one I had didn’t allow me to record in Cinematic view, so I opted to try and memorize the short clips and then edit them together. I need to make this more efficient, so any tips are welcome!
  • I tried recording it with an external microphone but found my iPhone microphone was pretty good and easier to use.
  • I used the free version of iMovie to edit the video, and it seems to be doing the job. However, if I continue to edit the videos myself, I will probably upgrade to better software. I added captions using Titles and selected the one called “Lower”. The font is Avenir Next medium, white, and the size is 50. I created one and then copied it for all the clips, which saved quite a bit of time. I added some stock background music, but the original volume overshadowed my voice, so I increased my voice and lowered the sound of the music. I’m not an expert, so hopefully, the balance works.  
  • When I recorded the videos, my face was sometimes closer to the screen, so I used a dissolve transition between some clips. 

Creating videos takes time and practice! 

Making a social media video like this is excellent for all of us to learn. Still, when creating professional videos for the business, it will look to video experts to get help.

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