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For organizations to stay competitive and grow in the ever changing economy, it is important to stay flexible and adaptable to be able to respond as needed.  Knowing what communication technology and best practices are available will help organizations implement communications strategies to help meet their goals.  

Learn, Adapt & Re-Learn: Guides, resource links, events, white papers, and presentations for professionals, community leaders, and business owners to help them communicate effectively.  

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Communications Assessment Guide

The goal of a communications assessment, or audit, is to determine an organization’s effectiveness in communicating with internal and external stakeholders. The amount of resources and time required to perform an audit depends primarily on the size and needs of the organization. The first step to an effective communications strategy is a communications assessment.

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Digital Marketing Resources

Digital Marketing Resources

There are a multitude of online resources and tools available to support small business owners and entrepreneurs start, build and grow their digital marketing strategy.  Follow the link below to discover a few digital solutions to help with designing content, making videos, social media management and more.

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Digital Marketing Time Crisis Download Graphic

Digital Marketing during a Crisis | Checklist and Guide

During a time of crisis, communication is critical for any business. Use your digital marketing channels to share current content and vital messaging that informs your customers how to do business with you during this time.  The first step is to prepare your team, update your business plan, create a crisis communications plan, and then develop your digital marketing plan.

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Promoting Sustainabilityu

Promoting Sustainability & Avoiding Greenwashing Guide

Environmental professionals, business owners, volunteers, employees, and not-for-profit leaders know that communicating sustainability is a challenge. Whether you are just getting involved in sustainability initiatives, or a long-term champion for green programs, promoting your sustainability story effectively can help reach your business goals and avoid greenwashing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging | Download

Blogging is proven to be successful for business owners, professionals, not-for-profits, and social enterprises.  As part of a digital marketing strategy, blogs can generate online leads, be a resource for customers, and drive traffic to a website.  

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging provides Simple Steps to Success.

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Digital Marketing | 3 Step Program

Are your customers finding your business online?  Do you want to increase traffic to your website?  Is your digital marketing plan strategic, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely?


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