Digital Marketing During a Crisis | Checklist

During a time of crisis, communication is critical for any business. Use your digital marketing channels to share current content and vital messaging that informs your customers how to do business with you during this time. 

In the age of digital marketing, businesses know that they have to build a strong online brand by having a plan, engaging with their audience and leveraging digital tools and best practices to stay competitive. Preparing a strategy that can be agile enough to respond as the crisis evolves, is critical when managing your business during a time when even the near future is unpredictable.

This digital marketing checklist provides guiding questions, insights, tips, resource links, and a list of things to consider when business-as-usual changes quickly.

1. How to prepare your team

2. Review and update your business plan

3. Create a crisis communication plan

4. Develop a digital marketing plan that is strategic, including how to generate revenue online. 

5. Other marketing tips 

Sneak peak : You can view step # 4 -  digital marketing plan,  here >

Download the printable guide for more tips and information on how to create a digital marketing plan during a crisis.

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Digital Marketing Plan Crisis Checklist Download

Digital Marketing during a time of Crisis - Checklist | Download

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