Promoting Sustainability & Avoiding Greenwashing Guide

Environmental professionals, business owners, volunteers, employees, and not-for-profit leaders know that communicating sustainability is a challenge. Whether you are just getting involved in sustainability initiatives, or a long-term champion for green programs, promoting your sustainability story effectively can help reach your business goals and avoid greenwashing.

How to communicate effectively to get the most out of your sustainability initiatives

For organizations who choose to implement sustainability best practices, often there is frustration when it comes to communicating their efforts; to their employees, investors, and customers. 

When you aren’t able to communicate these initiatives effectively, it can lead to a variety of challenges. Such as projects don’t get buy-in, costs to certify a product are difficult to justify, customers don’t see the value of buying an environmentally-friendly product, or they are hesitant to buy because of past experiences with false advertising by other companies, and the list goes on.

Promoting Sustainability and Avoiding Greenwashing presentation

  • Understanding the language of sustainability
  • Marketing vs. Public Relations -  Understanding the differences and the role they play
  • What are the benefits to telling your Green Story
  • What are the challenges organizations face that keep them from telling their story?
  • How to overcome challenges & reduce risks, including greenwashing.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your ‘Green’ initiatives using both public relations & marketing tactics
  • What are companies doing to communicate their sustainability story successfully?
  • Examples of creative communication techniques
  • Tips on How to promote your green story | Through words, visuals & actions [BONUS - includes a printable sketch note / infographic]
  • Where to look for help
  • References
  • Resource Links - Sustainability certification, eco-labelling, and memberships

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Laura Dunkley is a communications strategist with expertise in the area of digital marketing, public relations, and social media.  Offering expertise in wellness and sustainability, she assists organizations to develop, implement, and manage their communications programs. Laura is a board member at Niagara Sustainability Initiative.

Sustainability Communications Programs offered through L.Dunkley Communications

  • lunch n learns
  • presentations
  • workshops (internal & public relations) - training, stakeholder development & community outreach
  • communication strategies | reputation management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), 
  • content development - writing & graphics

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The March 2017 webinar presentation was organized by Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI).  NSI is a non-profit organization, which acts as a catalyst for Niagara’s businesses, municipalities and organizations to meet its present needs without compromising those of future generations. NSI’s primary service offering is The Carbon Project. Carbon Project Members represent some of Niagara’s most environmentally conscious organizations. The program gives members the tools to set targets, make changes as well as measure and track their sustainability progress over time.

Promoting Sustainability & Avoiding Greenwashing Guide | Download

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