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The L. Dunkley Communications blog offers insights on the latest trends and best practices for communicating effectively in our fast-paced digital environment.

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Laura Dunkley, Principal of L. Dunkley Communications, is a communications strategist with expertise in business development, digital marketing, and public relations.

Laura offers organizations extensive knowledge and experience in the area of social media and emerging digital communications tools and techniques. She specializes in helping organizations and individuals integrate digital communications best practices into their day-to-day operations through strategic planning, managing and training programs.

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Why You Need to Write the Business Plan Overview First

Why You Need to Write the Business Plan Overview First

Posted May 25th, 2020 in Entrepreneurship

The business plan overview includes essential background information and a summary of your business. Writing the overview first gives you the key points to create an actionable business plan and will help you get started. 

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How to Create the Right Content during a Crisis

How to Create the Right Content during a Crisis

Posted Apr 26th, 2020 in Entrepreneurship, Crisis Communications, Social Media, Strategic Communications

The global crisis we find ourselves in has upended our economy and forced brands to pivot their marketing plans to meet the needs of their audiences. Marketing during a crisis means that planned content business owners had on their calendars, required a ‘hold-stop’ or needed updating to meet the new needs of their audiences. There are steps to take to make sure you as a business owner know how to create the right content during a crisis.

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