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The L. Dunkley Communications blog offers insights on the latest trends and best practices for communicating effectively in our fast-paced digital environment.

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Laura Dunkley, Principal of L. Dunkley Communications, is a communications strategist with expertise in business development, digital marketing, and public relations.

Laura offers organizations extensive knowledge and experience in the area of social media and emerging digital communications tools and techniques. She specializes in helping organizations and individuals integrate digital communications best practices into their day-to-day operations through strategic planning, managing and training programs.

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Your Social Media Strategy Roadmap starts with Research

Your Social Media Strategy Roadmap starts with Research

Posted Feb 28th, 2020 in Entrepreneurship, Social Media

The roadmap to a successful social media strategy begins with research. Research helps identify what social media tactics are right for your business. Conducting research will help you choose the right social media channels, know what type of content you need to create, and give you ideas now how to engage with your community.

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Communication is key to a Successful Sustainability Strategy

Communication is key to a Successful Sustainability Strategy

Posted Feb 7th, 2020 in Sustainability

Business leaders around the world are taking a stand for our environment.  They’re changing the way they run their businesses through sustainability strategies. These strategies help business leaders define their organization's values and vision, set goals, and make decisions. For both internal and external audiences, communication plays a key role in the strategy’s success. They need clear expectations, an opportunity to make suggestions, and a chance to give feedback. 

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