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Promote your business online using the latest digital marketing techniques. L. Dunkley Communications helps reach, engage, and inspire online audiences using the latest digital tools, best practices, creative content, and social media.

Reach your goals with targeted digital marketing campaigns!

Your audience is online looking for information on what to buy (and why they should buy it), where to work, what city to live in, what organization to volunteer with, what school to go to, and the list goes on.  Ensure that your are informing, responding to, and engaging your audiences to help your organization grow.  

Questions to consider when developing a digital marketing plan

  • What do you want to achieve?  When? Business goals, communication goals
  • What current tools and technology do you have?  What is working well, what is not? How do you know it was working or not?
  • Who will be part of the digital marketing project; strategic development & management?
  • What policies and procedures are in place; security, management, training?
  • How will success be evaluated?
  • What resources are available?

Digital Marketing Services

Strategy | The Plan

This is your guide! It ensures that the right people are involved, the right information is available, and processes are in place to reach your marketing goals! Providing expertise to develop the research, planning, management, and evaluation to develop your online brand.  

Social Media 

Social Media is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy.  Engage with your audiences on social media with creative and relevant content.  Services include planning, management, campaign evaluation, and training/workshops.   

Content | Creation

Create exciting written and visual content to inform and engage your audiences.  Blogs, video, graphics, infographics, e-books, and white papers are some of the unique content we can create for you!  Writing and graphic design services available. 

Website  Design

The website is the hub of your online brand. Providing website design services that are leading edge. Designs are responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO friendly, user-enhanced experience considered, and visually branded for your organization.  We partner with CMSIntelligence for website design, a user-friendly content management solution. WordPress content management services available.  

Content | Distribution

Creating great content is the first step to an effective online marketing program.  The next step is to distribute and promote your content to get in front of your intended audiences. Services include the creation and management of targeted call-to-action campaigns designed for your audiences, including online advertising, social media advertising, and email campaigns.  

3 Step Digital Marketing Program

Integrate digital with traditional marketing to get the best results! 

Digital marketing budgets are growing to replace many traditional forms of marketing.  However, there are still times when offline marketing is effective.  

Integrating traditional marketing with digital marketing gets the greatest results in reaching a wide range of audiences. 

"I work with my clients to help them develop their online brand.  We develop a digital marketing plan, ensure that you have the right tools and platforms designed for managing your online voice, and then create and promote content that is engaging and unique.

Whether you are just getting started, looking to evaluate or update your current program, or want to learn more about our digital marketing services, give me a call for a free consultation" - Laura Dunkley, L. Dunkley Communications

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