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Graphic Design

A successful brand image is inspiring and memorable! L. Dunkley Communications designs creative, relevant, innovative and engaging graphic designs for winning brands.

Marketing in the digital era means organizations need to have a clear vision, a plan, and talent to be able to create quality content to engage their audiences. And they need to do it quickly and efficiently.  

With mobile and online communication increasing at a tremendous rate, organizations are spending more of their budgets on digital marketing efforts.  For the greatest impact and return on investment, marketing should consider both digital and traditional methods with a holistic and integrated approach.

Graphic Design Services

  • Website Design - Mobile-friendly, SEO, responsive
  • Digital advertising graphics
  • infographics
  • Presentations | MSPowerPoint, Keynote
  • Digital graphics | websites, blogs, social media
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • White papers & e-books
  • Reports & proposals
  • E-newsletter campaigns
  • Video
  • Trade show banners
  •  Graphic Facilitation for Workshops

Supporting Services Include

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Writing | reports, proposals, blogs, white papers, presentations, media kits
  • Keynote Presentations | Communications in the Digital Era, Environmental Communications

Visual content is an important part of any business or organizations as they strive to communicate their thoughts, research, and vision with their audiences in unique and creative ways.  Along with the team of graphic designers, we have successfully designed a variety of digital and print visuals for both internal and external audiences.  Working with consultants, such as Susan Gesner (GAEL), we collaborate to create informative and engaging workshop experiences enhanced by visual graphicsIf you are interested in creative content for your business, organization, or event, contact our team for more information! - Laura Dunkley, L. Dunkley Communications.

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