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Strategic Communications

Reach your goals through communications planning and management that is strategic, agile, and aligns with business goals and values.

The purpose of a communications plan is to offer organization leaders guidance when deciding on what marketing, public relations, and internal communications initiatives to implement and when.  In today’s fast-paced economy a communications plan must be specific and measurable but also designed for agility to respond to changes as needed. 

Who needs a Communications Plan? 

Small-Medium Size Business Owners

Progressive private industry business leaders seek a holistic approach that includes marketing, public relations, and internal communications to improve reputation, efficiencies, employee retention, revenue, and market share. 

Business Professionals

Independent business professionals often focus on developing their personal brand and to promote their services.  

Local Government

Communications strategies inform the communications of the internal communications team, project managers, town employees, and area representatives with the purpose of informing the local public of pertinent information needed to live well in their communities. Engaging with key stakeholders is important when building relationships that are important to creating a positive dynamic in our communities.

Not-for-Profit & Charities

Many not-for-profits and charities use fundraising and marketing plans as their key communications plan. With the rapid changeover of leadership and supporting roles that many volunteer-based organizations face, having a clear, concise communications plan is important. It includes actionable items, specified timelines, and a focus on vision and values.  This helps with succession planning and successful implementation of initiatives.

Services include

Communications Consulting

Offering senior-level the expertise and support needed to assist business owners and communications teams develop their communications strategies throughout the various stages - research, planning, implementation, management, and evaluation.  

Training & Workshops

Providing services to facilitate stakeholder workshops to build engagement and collect information that supports various stages of the strategic communications process.  Employee skill development training is available in a workshop format, including supporting materials.  Graphic facilitation services available.

Public Relations

Goals of public relations is to help organization grow through the development of two-way communications best practices, connecting with influencers, and building relationships with key stakeholders. Public Relations helps in the area of reputation management, employee retention, crisis communication, stakeholder relationships, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Offering expertise & services including - campaign development, media promotion, engagement workshops, event planning.

Communications Strategy

The communications strategy is an internal document that is actionable and aligned with business goals, vision & values. Digital marketing and social media plans are nested strategies to support the communications goals.  documents

Available services include the development of supporting documents to the communication strategy; such as training manuals, policies, & procedures. 

Research & Evaluation 

It is important to know what marketing resources are available, what initiatives have been successful, what internal processes are in place to manage and support the communication plans, and who are the key audiences.  Initial research and ongoing evaluation are important to long-term success.

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"I work with clients throughout a variety of stages of the communications cycle, including research, planning, implementation, management, or evaluation.  Whether it is the creation of a new plan, or referencing an existing plan i have successfully created communication strategies to help my clients reach their business goals.If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact me today for a free consultation to explore your current goals and communication plan" - Laura Dunkley, L. Dunkley Communications

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