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Helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders develop the skills, and gather the information needed to make the decisions and build relationships with employees and key stakeholders.

Organizations find a growing need to stay versatile and flexible to meet today’s rapidly changing, and pressing requirements of doing business in today’s economy. It is now more important than ever before that the skills and information be made available to all levels of workers and employees within the organization, so they can respond to these demands.

It is now more important than ever before that the skills and information be made available to all levels of workers and employees within the organization, so they can respond to these demands. Frontline and leadership teams with a clear understanding of the company’s goals and values; clear guidelines and expectations of how they can effect change within their organization empowers a positive, motivated and productive work environment. 

Offering training, keynote presentations, and workshops on the topics of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media, and more!


Employee training provides an opportunity to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge needed for organizations to perform effectively.  Laura and her team offer webinars, information sessions, and hands-on workshops to help employees learn in a unique, meaningful and engaging way.

Social Media

With Laura’s extensive knowledge in social media, she trains sales and leadership teams on how to effectively use Linkedin and other social media platforms for brand development and lead generation.  With a focus on best practices she helps business owners, management teams, volunteers, and sales teams build their personal brand and align their online conversations to support company goals and values.

New Technology

Leveraging digital technology, the right tools can create a collaborative, flexible workspace for employees and workers to connect and respond as needed. 

Laura offers her clients knowledge on emerging technology and best practices for communicating more effectively.  She works to assist organizations integrate new technology into their everyday operation. 


Communicating with key stakeholders is important to the success of all organizations.  Workshop environments provide the opportunity to bring people together for the purpose of sharing important, relevant, and timely information and help to build positive relationships

Whether it is to discuss the details of a new project, brainstorm new ideas, or explore collaborative partnership opportunities, workshops provide the opportunity for face-to-face, open, and engaging dialogue for the corporate office, municipal meetings, and volunteer based environments.

Working in a collaborative effort with her clients,  Laura helps create a unique, creative, and meaningful experience through her skills and expertise in the areas of leadership,  public speaking, and current communications best practices.


Laura presents to a variety of audiences on the topic of social media, communications best practices in the digital era, and environmental communications.  

Past presentations & workshops include;

  • Digital Marketing Series  - Planning, Social Media, Website Design & More | In-person & webinars | Offered through the City Of Mississauga - Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC) 2018 -2021
  • Promoting Sustainability & Avoiding Greenwashing 
  • Communication | The Journey to Now and Beyond  
  • Internet & Social Media | Parent Tips - Elementary School Parent Education Session
  • Linkedin | Getting Started - B2B Sales Team
  • Linkedin | Social Selling - B2B Sales Team
  • Blueprint for Social Media Success - B2B Industry Group
  • B2B | Social Media Strategy - B2B Sales Conference
  • Telling your Green Story - NSI Members
  • Business Case for Sustainability - Niagara College Environmental Program



Learning tools, such as manuals and educational curriculum, that are accessible, easily updated, and engaging, prove to be effective.  Laura works with her clients to create manuals that are designed to maintain their relevancy, be user-friendly, and increase understanding.   

If you are looking for an informative and engaging online learning experience for your team or group, including key takeaways and handouts, you are in the right place! 

Laura has over 20 years of experience delivering visual and engaging online and in-person sessions to local, national, and international audiences.  It starts with a free consultation to discuss your goals and objectives.  From 5 to 500, every client receives content that is current, customized for your audience, and delivered in an engaging way.  Online and in-person (when available) your team will walk away with a learning experience that is memorable and helpful.

- Laura Dunkley, CMO & Principal Consultant - Acorn Studio Marketing & Co.

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