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The GAEL Team helps to bring innovation and reinvention to the communication process.  With expertise in facilitation and change management, public relation strategies, and graphic design, Susan Gesner and Laura Dunkley work together to offer creative, purpose driven, and engaging experiences for environmentally-focused organizations and their audiences. They help their clients by shaping and guiding the process of working together, to draw out options and ideas to meet goals effectively.

The GAEL Team provides communication services that are relevant, unique, engaging & strategic

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Why the GAEL Team?

We offer

  • a clear understanding of the needs, wants and values of clients & partners.
  • the capacity to provide all facilitation services - project management/change management, facilitation of meetings, presentations, events & workshops, graphic design, reporting, presentation designs, and briefings.
  • presentations & workshops that are comprehensive, creative & engaging to resonate with a variety of audiences.
  • the ability to foster the human connection to build trust among participants.
  • the ability to facilitate discussions/dialogues that are purpose driven.
  • high quality, visual reports, plans & communications products.
  • audience-appropriate language and visuals.

Our Role

As consultants and facilitators, our fundamental role is to encourage thoughtful participation. Participants come to the table with varying degrees of knowledge and concerns, and with different organizational priorities. We can help to weave the host of voices together through collaboration and cooperation.  A critical component of our approach is to listen to the collective wisdom and experience of all of the participants and help them achieve their objectives together.


We ask questions, listen, learn and consult with the client organization to define desired outcomes.


We serve as a catalyst to identify and solve your challenges by improving your capabilities.


We work collaboratively, maintaining clear lines of communication to provide the desired delivery/facilitation of specific program.


Confidentiality of all information will be maintained before, during, and after any activity.


Susan Gesner, President of Gesner & Associates Environmental Learning (GAEL), an independent consulting firm specializing in environmental facilitation, public consultation and engagement. Susan utilizes her unique blend of environmental knowledge, business acumen, and management skills to motivate and positively influence others through open and honest communication.  Susan’s strengths include her leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to bring teams together for a common goal. |

Laura Dunkley is a communications strategist with expertise in digital marketing, public relations, and social media.  She assists organizations, private and public, as they work to develop communications best practices to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, digital climate.  Laura utilizes her skills in reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and creative content development, to help make a positive impact on communities, build key relationships, and reach organizational growth goals.

About Laura L. Dunkley |

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