Vision and Values

Through collaborative partnerships, and meaningful, inclusive, dialogue on topics that inspire, we can see amazing things happen to nurture growth and wellbeing in our communities.  

With a desire and passion for community, guided by knowledge and goodness, each person has the ability to make a real impact towards positive change. - LD


To grow our businesses and communities through the development of innovative, engaging, and informative communications.


To work with progressive organizations, communities, and business leaders
  • helping them build their business through meaningful, innovative and dynamic engagement with their audiences;
  • To inspire and engage audiences in a creative and authentic way, as they seek positive change within their organizations and communities at large;
  • Provide quality, professional communication services and products that exceed expectations; and are useful, effective, and innovative in developing communications excellence within their organizations;


  • Provide the level of professional service expected of a public relations professional as outlined in the CPRSA code of ethics ;
  • Continue to update my communications professional skills and competencies;  including, communications best practices, emerging technology, and product design.
  • To be knowledgable about the current trends and subject matter so as to provide holistic, visionary, and strategic insights customized for my audiences;
  • To work with leadership teams to build and maintain a brand and reputation that is strong and authentic;
  • Aspire to live, support, and promote the sustainability and wellbeing of our communities; social, environmental, and economical

Communications | Tips, Techniques & Best Practices

Cultivate communications best practices to thrive in today's digital & fast-paced business environment.

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